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The Original Tethered Swimming System

Super Swim has helped beginners and olympians improve their swimming performance for over 25 years using true water resistance.

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SuperSwim has been helping athletes, patients, and fitness enthusiasts for over 25 years.

The Ultimate Water Workout

Fitness experts, exercise physiologists, and rehab specialists agree that swimming is the perfect exercise.

Experience Olympic style training, in any pool.

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University of Florida Olympic Swim Coach Gregg Troy

Talking about using SuperSwim for over 25 years.

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Doing laps in a crowded pool is officially over, Super Swim extends the use of any pool to become an olympic style training tool. Turning breaks your rhythm, maintain a single course using the original swim tether. Your workout is uninterrupted because you swim in place and with true resistance. Super Swim works even in the smallest pools. Super Swim encourages a natural swimming position, no matter what stroke you're using, no matter how hard you swim.


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Olympic grade training tools.

For your home, your team of olympians, or just for fun!

Swim Anywhere

SuperSwim w/ Portable Clamp-On Base

  • Works with Hand Rails or Ladders
  • Perfect for Travel or Apartments
  • Easily Stored & Portable

$240 with Free Ship

Requires Installation

SuperSwim w/ In Deck Base

  • Works with Any Pool
  • Easy Installation Process

    Your Personal Fitness Center

$224 + Free Ship

Above Ground Pools

SuperSwim w/ Above Ground Pool Base

    No Installation

    Fits most above ground pools

    Customizable height

$240 + Free Ship

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