Breatstroke Swimming with SuperSwim

Breatstroke Swimming with SuperSwim

If you’ve ever trained using the breaststroke, you know how complex it is and how difficult it can be to master! It’s also a great way to strengthen and tone your back, chest, arms, shoulders, glutes, and quads. SuperSwim tether systems let you practice and improve your breaststroke technique by using pool resistance training and stationary swimming, so it’s a fantastic piece of equipment to have for your pool! 



All swimming exercises use a lot of different muscles, but few techniques require the attention to timing, rhythm, and coordination! Many children refer to this technique as the “froggy” stroke, as the movement is similar to how a frog swims. 

Your arms are going to do most of the work with this stroke, and there are three steps to the arm movements: 

• Catch – Keep your arms straight, palms flat, and point your thumbs slightly downward. Sweep your arms out to the sides, like a “Y” shape.
Pull – Bend your elbows, pull your forearms back and down while bringing your hands together before your chest. Raise your head out of the water to take a breath.
Recovery – Push your arms forward and straighten them to avoid drag. Repeat the process

What makes the breaststroke tricky is that while you’re working your arms, you need to also consider the timing of your kicks. The kick begins as you raise out of the water to take a breath. Start with your legs straight and together, then bend your knees while keeping your feet together towards your backside. Open your heels outward and use your feet to propel you forward. Bring your heels back together to glide forward and repeat! 


SuperSwim tether systems are designed to help you focus on improving your technique while building muscles. Get better at your breaststroke by getting your SuperSwim system toda! Order yours online or call us at 1-800-848-1222! 

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