Maintenance Guide

Getting a full-body pool resistance training workout has never been easier thanks to SuperSwim systems. You can swim a mile without making a turn, right in your own pool! Rest assured, each SuperSwim tether system is made with resilient materials such as non-corrosive stainless steel and durable nylon webbing to ensure you get a safe, effective workout every time. Not to mention, taking care of your SuperSwim is a breeze! The better you take care of your SuperSwim system, the longer it will last. Proper maintenance of your swim tether system will lengthen its lifespan and help avoid damaging the product or injuring yourself. If any part of your SuperSwim system is cracked, broken, or otherwise damaged DO NOT USE IT. Call us, and we’ll help you replace it!

Make Your SuperSwim Last – Safety and Storage

Leaving your SuperSwim out or unattended can cause accidents that might hurt you, your kids, or even your pets! Also, pool chemicals and harsh ultraviolet rays will damage any equipment if left submerged or in the sun for too long. So, for the safety of you and your tether system, store it away after each use. SuperSwim In-Deck System and SuperSwim Above Ground Pool System: Remove the Flexible Fiber Pole from the anchor base. Store it, along with the Safety Swim Harness and SuperSwim Nylon Cord, away.  SuperSwim Storable Water Base System: Remove the Flexible Fiber Pole from the water base. Empty all water from the plastic base using the Emptying Hole. Store all materials out of the elements.  SuperSwim Ladder & Handrail Clamp-On System: Unclamp the system and store it in its athletic storage bag.  Easy, right? The convenience of maintaining a SuperSwim system is just another reason why swimmers choose our products!

Need Help from the SuperSwim Team? 

If you have any questions or if you need to replace damaged or broken parts, you can reach us online or at 1-800-848-1222!