The SuperSwim Difference

SuperSwim tether systems are regarded by many swimmers as the best swim tether systems on the market. We’re proud of this reputation, and we’re dedicated to staying at the top! To do this, we have to keep an eye on what other companies are up to and consistently offer better, more efficient, more versatile products. So, that’s exactly what we do!


One of the amazing features available with SuperSwim tether systems is our anchor bases. While some companies use buoy anchors, we prefer the reliability and stability of a more permanent option. Whether your SuperSwim base is drilled into your deck or temporarily secured to the pool ladder or handrail, the anchor won’t move. This simple difference between buoy anchors and SuperSwim anchors provides swimmers with a true swim-in-place resistance workout. That means better exercise results and greater swimming power!


SuperSwim tether systems use durable nylon cords, whereas other systems use rubber bungee cords. With all the heat, regular wear, and exposure to harsh pool chemicals, these rubber cords quickly deteriorate and become useless. Nylon fibers, however, are resistant to heat and water, and they’re difficult to tear or rip. They’re overall better-suited for outdoor activities, especially pool activities! 

Another great thing about our nylon cord is that it is customizable depending on your swim skills. With a simple sliding knot, swimmers can adjust the length of the cord to better suit their swimming needs. For novice swimmers, we recommend shortening the cord, amplifying the lift the swimming tether is designed to provide. If you’re a more experienced swimmer, feel free to lengthen the cord to receive less assistance from the height of the pole.


When it comes to engineering and product design, you shouldn’t be surprised to find SuperSwim at the top of the list! Our Flexible Fiber Pole is made of quality materials and is scientifically proven to give you the best, most natural, swim experience. 

You see, many other companies use bungee cords and cheap plastic bases to provide resistance for swimmers. While those materials are degrading and decomposing in the elements, our Flexible Fiber Pole will remain dependable and tough. We use a fiberglass composite in all of our poles. This material routinely stands up against intense heat, ultraviolet rays, chemical exposure, and even the swim pressure produced by Olympic-caliber swimmers. We’ve gone so far as to test its strength by pulling on it with the force of a pickup truck, so we know our products are built to last. 

We also built the Flexible Fiber Pole to give swimmers a natural swim experience. Other swim tether systems attach their bungee cords to low contact points outside of the pool. This creates a lower slope, which will pull differently on your swim belt and often impede your swim stroke. A higher point of contact, like the one available with SuperSwim, gives you a higher slope on your swim tether allowing for a more natural, unrestricted movement. 


At the end of the day, the most distinguishing characteristic of SuperSwim swimming tethers systems is our versatility. We have tailored our systems to meet the different needs of swimmers across the globe. If you need a portable, lightweight base that is easy to travel with – check out the SuperSwim Ladder & Handrail Clamp-On System. It even comes with its very own carrying bag!

We also have bases you can cement into your pool deck, securely attach to your above ground pool, or fill with water to avoid permanent installation. Whatever your pool situation, you can experience all the health and fitness benefits of the best swim tether system on the market!

A Message From Greg Troy 2012 USA Olympic Head Coach 


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