Installation Guide

Many swimmers from all around the world choose our Swim Tethers every year for good reason. We've been making SuperSwim systems out of steel and other durable materials in the U.S.A. for over 30 years, so you can trust our products to last a long time. And the best part? Installation is a lot easier than you think.
To help owners like you install your newly purchased SuperSwim System with ease, this page contains written and visual information – including videos – to guide you through the process, step-by-step. Just choose the system you own below for more detailed instructions. 

SuperSwim In-Deck System

SuperSwim In-Deck System Installation
The SuperSwim In-Deck System is installed directly into pool decks made of concrete, brick, stone, or wood. It is a permanent addition that turns your pool area into the perfect space for pool resistance training. It’s important to remember to measure the space carefully, as you will be drilling into the pool deck and anchoring the base with expansion concrete. Follow a few simple steps and you’re ready to proceed with your at-home swim tether workout.  
PLEASE NOTE: Directions are slightly different for installing into a wood deck or pre-existing hole, so please be sure to read the directions that match your installation needs in the Installation and Assembly Manual included with your product.

SuperSwim Clamp-On System

SuperSwim Clamp-On System Installation
The SuperSwim Ladder & Handrail Clamp-On System is the easiest system to set up. It is also the most portable and compact resistance training system available. Whether you’re traveling, living in an apartment complex, or training clients at their homes, this swim tether system is perfect for all swimmers and takes less than 30 seconds to set up. And, with a durable athletic bag to hold everything, it is incredibly convenient!

SuperSwim Water Base System

SuperSwim Water Base Installation
The SuperSwim Storable Water Base System works well with any in-ground pool. It is easy to set up, reliable, portable and offers the same great stationary swimming experience as all of our other systems. Once the 50-gallon base is filled up, it becomes an anchor to support even Olympic-caliber swimmers. While it is recommended for novice swimmers to position the base at the shallow end of the pool, you can place it anywhere around the pool that will allow for 15ft (4.5m) of swimming space. Even swimming at an angle from a corner is an option! 

SuperSwim Above Ground Pool System

SuperSwim Above Ground Pool System Installation
The SuperSwim Above Ground Pool System is anchored into the ground outside of your above-ground pool. There is no cementing involved, so the bae can be removed if necessary. In just a few minutes, you can anchor the stainless steel base and begin your pool resistance training. 

SuperSwim Aquatic Warm-Up System

SuperSwim Aquatic Warm-Up System Installation
The SuperSwim Aquatic Warm-Up System is a comprehensive workout system that helps you get the blood pumping and oxygen flowing through your body. Complete with a flexible pole, stainless steel pulley system and two water-resistant water handles, this kit will help you get your muscles ready for your following swimming session. Best of all, this system can fit with pre-existing bases that come with all our complete swim tether systems!

SuperSwim Hydro Rower

SuperSwim Hydro Rower Installation

Local Installation Services Offered
SuperSwim Local Installation Services
Our company is located in Fort Myers. That means customers who also live in sunny Southwest Florida have access to our exclusive installation services! Currently, we provide installation services of our swim tether systems to Lee, Collier, Charlotte, and Sarasota counties. Rates are calculated based on travel distance, so please contact us for a quote if you're a local resident interested in having the SuperSwim team assist you. Rest assured, the process is quick and easy. It usually takes our experts no more than 15 to 20 minutes to complete the task – and the best part? Our team can give you a full tutorial of your product so you know how to properly use and maintain it! Exceptional service like this is what separates us from our competitors.
For Questions About Installation...
Combine the Installation and Assembly Manual provided with each of our products with the step-by-step installation videos and in-depth instructions above and you should have no problem installing your new swimming product. However, if you happen to have any questions regarding the installation of your new SuperSwim system or would like to schedule a local installation by one of our experts, please contact us online or call 1-800-848-1200 today.