Operation Guide

Getting new exercise equipment can be equal parts exciting and intimidating. You’re ready to swim your way to a healthier life, but understanding how to use your new gear might feel a bit overwhelming. We understand, and that’s why we’ve created each of our SuperSwim tether systems with the user in mind. SuperSwim systems are designed to get you the workout you need with ease, no matter your age, your swimming ability, or even your pool type! 

Stationary Swimming for All! 

Did you know the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends children start learning to swim as young as 4 years old? It’s one of the reasons we developed SuperSwim tether systems to be used as teaching tools for water safety. Our standard SuperSwim Safety Swim Harness fits waists between 20-64 inches, and we offer customizable sizes upon request so that everyone can use our systems. We do strongly advise adult supervision for swimmers under the age of 18, and for anyone using the system for rehabilitation purposes.  That’s right! SuperSwim isn’t just for teaching kids how to swim! Our swim tether systems are regularly used for physical therapy and rehabilitation. You can find SuperSwim users at Waterworks in Naples and even the Miami Dolphins Rehab Facility!  But that’s not all! Pool resistance training and swim tether systems are also used to build strength, boost endurance, maximize calories burned, improve swimming skills and techniques, and get a quick and easy workout from the comfort of your own pool! 

Set Up and Swim!

One of the reasons SuperSwim is the best swim tether system on the market is because our systems are designed to work with almost any type of pool! Each of our systems requires about 13-15 ft of swimming space and come with their own set of installation instructions. You can find out more information about those through our SuperSwim installation guides. But even though the directions for installation differ depending on which system you purchase, the directions for using your SuperSwim system do not. After your system has been properly installed, just follow these steps to make sure you’re using the equipment the right way:  Adjust! - Fit the Swim Harness to your waist using the bar on the side Belt Up! - Place the belt around your waist and secure the buckle Get In!  - Do not dive, jump, or push off the wall with force Start Swimming! - Adjust the belt for sidestroke or backstroke When you’re finished with your pool resistance training, hang the belt on the SuperSwim Flexible Fiber Pole so it can properly dry. And, even though SuperSwim products are built to last, you can further extend the life of your system by simply storing the Swim Harness and Flexible Fiber Pole away from the elements! 

Swim in Place, Safely 

All SuperSwim products are made with durable materials and assembled right here in the USA! Still, there are some precautions swimmers need to consider when using any of the SuperSwim tether systems. Like any exercise equipment, it’s important to use the SuperSwim tether system as instructed in order to avoid causing damage to the product or putting yourself in danger.  For example, the SuperSwim Flexible Fiber Pole is capable of withstanding immense pressure when used correctly with the Safety Swim Harness and nylon cord provided. However, we do not recommend pushing or pulling on the Flexible Fiber Pole with your hands, or swinging from it. Diving or jumping into the pool while using the equipment is also not advised, as this can cause breakage to the product or even injury to yourself!  Yes, the workout you get while using SuperSwim products is fun, but that doesn’t mean the machinery is a toy. Please use the system as instructed to ensure you avoid damaging the equipment while reaching your fitness goals safely! 

Mix Up Your Swim Tether Workout! 

Amazing cardio, muscle-building resistance training, and low-impact workouts are just a few benefits of swim tether workouts. Being able to continue your workout without having to pause and make a turn in the pool is another great aspect of the SuperSwim system. But, perhaps one of the best features of this stationary swimming workout is how easily you can change up your swimming technique. Tweaking your pool resistance training will help you build new muscles, avoid workout boredom, and keep you motivated! With the SuperSwim tether system, you can switch from targeting your pectorals, triceps, hips, and thighs with a breaststroke to focusing on your shoulders, arms, and torso with a butterfly stroke. You can practice sidestroke or backstroke to let you concentrate on working out your upper body, or swim freestyle and work all your major muscle groups! Our SuperSwim systems even make it easy to practice water jogging and many other exercises! 

Ready to Get Your Comprehensive Swim in Place Pool System? 

If you’re ready to swim your way to a healthier life, you might as well get the best swim tether system on the market! SuperSwim tether systems are designed for all swimmers, regardless of age, ability, or pool type. We’ve got a system that fits your needs! They’re made with resilient and long-lasting materials to make sure you get the best workout you can, from the comfort of your own pool. Check out our inventory online. Otherwise, send your questions to us via email contact or give us a call at 1-800-848-1222!