Freestyle Swimming with SuperSwim

Freestyle Swimming with SuperSwim

Ah, the freestyle stroke. It’s both the fastest and most efficient swimming stroke. Plus, it’s a great way to sculpt your chest, abs, arms, back, legs, and feet! Which is probably why it’s also the most popular swimming technique with athletes, swim enthusiasts, and new learners. You’ve seen it in movies, television shows, and even emojis. Now you can practice and perfect your freestyle stroke without having to worry about making turns or running into walls with our SuperSwim tether systems!



The freestyle stroke is made up of four main parts: 

Body Position. This one’s easy. Keep your body horizontal and face down in the water, close enough to the surface so your arms can move properly. 

Arm Movements. Think of your arms as paddles as you alternate between the Recovery and the Pull. Be aware to avoid overextending your arm during recovery so you don’t put stress on your shoulders. 

• Recovery – Start with your hand near your upper thigh, lift one arm out of the water. Keep your elbow bent. Reach forward above the surface, then let your hand and forearm re-enter the water.
• Pull – As your hand re-enters the water, keep your palms face-down and pull your arm back through the water. When your arm gets back to your upper thigh, repeat the Recovery process.  

Breathing. This part is mainly about timing. You can keep your momentum up if you roll your head out of the water sideways when you take a breath during Recovery, instead of lifting straight out of the water. 

Kicking. Keep your ankles flexible. Point your toes and kick from the thigh. Make sure your legs are straight during your kick to avoid kicking from the calves, which isn’t as effective.


Practice and improve your freestyle swimming technique with SuperSwim, the best swim tether system available! Call us at 1-800-848-1222 or order your SuperSwim tether system online today!

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