Installing the Above Ground Pool System

Installing the Above Ground Pool System

Having an above ground pool doesn’t exclude you from the swim tether workouts provided by SuperSwim systems. Our SuperSwim Above Ground Pool System attaches easily to the side of your pool, meaning you can enjoy the health benefits of pool resistance training with ease! 


This Above Ground Pool Adapter Base is strong and reliable, and we can customize it to fit your pool’s height. Simply make sure you measure from the ground to the top of the pool lip in order to get the most accurate reading for your pool’s height.


You’ll want to find the spot on your pool’s top rail which provides the strongest resistance, and you can do this by pushing the rail toward the water. After you find the strongest section, install the U-shaped bolt by drilling two 1/4 in. holes into the top rail. If the top rail of the pool is a bit weak, it may require a retainer cord to keep it from bending under the pressure of the system. 

Once the U-shaped bolt is secure, place the PVC anchor into the bolt vertically and keep it somewhat loose. Keep in mind that the top of the PVC anchor has the SuperSwim decal on it because you’ll want to mark where the bottom of the anchor reaches the ground. This will help you drive in the steel stake at the proper location. Installing the stake secures the bottom of the PVC anchor, but it doesn’t require any cementing and you can remove the system whenever you wish!

Finish up your installation by placing the bottom of the PVC anchor over the steel stake and securing the top of the anchor by tightening the U-bolt. Slide the SuperSwim Flexible Fiber Pole into the top of the PVC anchor and start swimming! 


If you have any questions or concerns about installing your SuperSwim Above Ground Pool System, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-848-1222 or contact us through our website! 

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