SuperSwim: Built to Last

SuperSwim: Built to Last

No matter how effective it is, exercise equipment is only as good as it lasts. With durable materials capable of withstanding chemicals, ultraviolet light, and consistent use, SuperSwim tether systems are both efficient and long-lasting. Our factories, located right here in the USA, are dedicated to supplying resilient materials for each of our products. You’ll be able to set and reach your fitness goals for years to come, without having to worry about whether or not your equipment can keep up!


What Our Products are Made Of

SuperSwim products are tough, and that’s because they’re made with top-quality materials. Unlike most home workout equipment, swim tether systems are used outside. That means they consistently come in contact with harsh ultraviolet rays from the sun and abrasive pool chemicals, which can cause serious deterioration. Add on to that the consistent wear and tear of frequent use, and you can understand why it’s so important to have trustworthy equipment.

SuperSwim products are made with dependable nylons, aluminum alloys, and plastisols, to name a few. But we also use 100% stainless steel for our fittings and bases. Not only is this metal incredibly strong, but it’s also corrosive-resistant. It’s also primarily unaffected by both high and low temperatures – which is a great feature for any material going up against Florida heat!

Another fantastic material we use in our equipment is the fiberglass composite that makes up the SuperSwim Flexible Fiber Rod. This composite is flexible, strong, and resistant to both corrosion and breakage. It is the perfect material to allow you to swim in place for miles and miles.


Ready to get the exercise equipment that’s as strong and resilient as you are? Call 1-800-848-1222 or contact us online to get your SuperSwim tether system today!

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