Butterfly Swimming with SuperSwim

Butterfly Swimming with SuperSwim

Don’t let the delicate insect that inspired its name fool you, the butterfly stroke is difficult, complex, and powerful. This swim technique focuses intently on the shoulders, chest, and back muscles. Your arms and legs will get a pretty good workout, too. As one of the staples of Olympic competition, this technique is very popular among athletes and casual swimmers alike. Mastering it takes work, but SuperSwim is here to help with that!



The butterfly stroke is essentially an upper-body workout, but the legs do play an important role. First, let’s talk about what your arms will be doing: 

• Catch – Start with your arms outstretched in front of you, then simultaneously pull them back in the water. You’ll form a “Y” shape before bringing the arms along your sides.
• Recovery – Raise your arms out of the water, sweeping them over your head. Take your breath during this phase, then start the Catch phase again.

As far as your legs are concerned, the butterfly stroke uses the dolphin kick. This kick comes from the hips and provides a lot of power for the stroke. The movement is similar to that of a dolphin’s tail, which explains the name. There are two kicks to every arm cycle. The first kick is at the beginning of the Catch, the second comes right before your arms go into Recovery. Your kick will be most effective if you remember to keep your feet right at the surface of the water, with your heels breaking the surface on the upbeat of the kick. 

Coordinating the timing and movements can be a challenge, but practice makes perfect…right? 


SuperSwim tether systems let you practice and improve any swim technique, including the butterfly stroke. Our Safety Swim Harness offers the support you need to focus on building muscle, coordinating timing, and mastering this swim stroke. Get your SuperSwim online or at 1-800-848-1222 today!

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