Installing the SuperSwim Clamp-on System

Installing the SuperSwim Clamp-on System

The SuperSwim Ladder & Handrail Clamp-On System is our easiest system to set up, no question. As long as your pool has a standard ladder or handrail, you’re good to go. We designed this system with the traveling swimmer in mind. And, because it’s made in the USA with the same materials as other SuperSwim products, you know this system is as long-lasting as it is efficient! It’s compact, durable, and travels easily in its very own stylish athletic travel bag.


Whether you’re getting your pool resistance training at a hotel, practicing your stationary swimming in your apartment complex, or visiting clients in their own homes with the best swim tether system on the market, you can take this system with you and set it up in less than 30 seconds!


The first step is attaching the Clamp-On base to the ladder or handrail. Just open the base and place it around a vertical section of the handrail or ladder tubing, making sure the Flexible Fiber Pole receptacle is facing up. After closing the base around the tubing, secure the latching bolt into the U-shaped slot. Then you turn the knob until it’s tight to secure the base. 

Next, insert the SuperSwim Flexible Fiber Pole into the Clamp-On base. Make sure the pole slides completely into the hole, though you may need to loosen the knob slightly to ensure the pole goes all the way in. Don’t forget to re-tighten the knob! Then, position the tip of the pole in the direction you’ll be swimming, and you are ready!


Setting up the SuperSwim Ladder & Handrail Clamp-On System almost takes less time than saying its name, but we understand if you still have any questions about the process. That’s why we provide written directions with your kit, installation directions on our website, and we’re also available by phone at 1-800-848-1222!

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