Installing the SuperSwim In-deck System

Installing the SuperSwim In-deck System

SuperSwim systems are super easy to install. We’ve designed them to be user friendly, even before you get in the water! The SuperSwim In-Deck System installs easily into any deck made of stone, concrete, wood, or brick. While the installation process varies slightly depending on the material of your deck, we guarantee you are only a few simple steps away from getting the best swim tether workout – from the comfort of home!



Step one of installing your In-Deck system is measuring the correct spot to secure your anchor. No matter what your pool deck type, you’re going to want to make sure you have a minimum of 12-15ft of swimming space. For your safety, we recommend installing your system near the shallow end of the pool because it will enable you to get in and out with ease. We also recommend leaving 3-5ft of space from the installation point so you don’t accidentally swim into the pool walls. And remember, the pole will adjust to your swimming direction, meaning you don’t have to swim directly straight from the installation point.

If you have a stone, concrete, or brick deck, your next step is drilling the hole to anchor your base. Use a concrete drill bit for this part. If your pool deck doesn’t have a raised edge, you can install the anchor 4-6in from the edge or lip of the pool. With a paver’s deck, we recommend drilling into the first brick off the edge of the pool. As long as the plate is flush with the deck and placed vertically, you’re ready to move forward.

If you have a wooden deck, the installation process is a little different. Once you’ve measured out the correct placement spot, you’ll want to find a cross beam under the deck planks. Normally there are nails or screws indicating where these beams are located. You’ll want to drill the hole as close to the center of the beam as possible. When the base is fully installed, the plate needs to be flush against the wood deck.

If you have a new pool deck, then it’s the perfect time to install the SuperSwim In-Deck System! After following the first step to measure the space and find the right placement for your installation, market the spot by driving a PVC sleeve into the wet concrete deck. Be careful to tape the end of the sleeve so it remains clean inside. Take care that the sleeve is both completely flush with the deck and that it’s standing vertically.

After you’ve drilled the hole, remove the dust. If you’re installing into wet cement, wait until the final deck finish is applied before cementing the concrete base in place. Regardless of your deck type, the next step is mixing up the expansion concrete and cementing the base. Clean up any excess grout with a wet cloth. Just let the grout sit for two hours and you can get right to your pool resistance training!


Your swim tether system comes with detailed instructions, we offer step-by-step installation videos online, and we’re available by email or phone if you have any questions at all! If you need any help, please feel free to call us at 1-800-848-1222!

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