Installing the SuperSwim Storable Water Base System

Installing the SuperSwim Storable Water Base System

This swim tether system is popular for many reasons. It’s portable, durable, effective, and incredibly easy to set up. 50 gallons of water turns the SuperSwim Storable Water Base System into an immovable anchor that’s perfect for any in-ground pool and is capable of supporting all types of swimmers. Whether you’re a first-time swimmer or training for the Olympics, this base will keep you swimming in place no matter how hard you train! 



Getting the SuperSwim Water Base System set up is a breeze. The first step is deciding where to place the plastic base. We recommend positioning the base at the shallow end of the pool as it makes securing our Safety Swim Harness to your waist easier. However, placement isn’t limited to the shallow end, and you’re more than welcome to position the Water Base System anywhere around the pool that provides 15ft (4.5m) of swimming space. If you have an odd-shaped pool, you can even place the base in a corner and swim out at an angle! 

After you’ve chosen the placement of your Storable Water Base System, set the plastic base down so the socket for the SuperSwim Flexible Fiber Pole is facing towards the water and the flat edge of the base faces away from the pool. Make sure you center the base in a location where you’ll have room on either side of you while you’re swimming. 

Next, remove the filler cap near the SuperSwim Flexible Fiber Pole socket and fill the base with 50 gallons of water. Once the base is full, replace the Filler Cap. Then just slide the pole into its socket, with the tip and hook facing the water.

Just like that, your SuperSwim Storable Water Base System is ready for use! 


There’s more than one reason SuperSwim has been considered the best swim tether system on the market. The pool resistance training provided through stationary swimming exercises gives you an amazing cardio workout, but each system is also super simple to set up and use. On top of that, we’re here for you if you have any questions! Message us online or give us a call at 1-800-848-1222! 

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