SuperSwim: Easy & Effective Pool Exercises

SuperSwim: Easy & Effective Pool Exercises

The health and fitness benefits of swimming exercises are almost innumerable. Swimming is good for your heart and your lungs. It also helps you improve posture, build and tone muscle, increase endurance, and strengthen balance. On top of that, swimming can also alleviate stress, aid in flexibility, and assist in rehabilitation after injury – all in a low-impact environment!

Even though the advantages of regular swimming exercises are numerous, wouldn’t you be interested in hearing about a way you could get even more out of your water workout?



Well, that is where stationary swimming comes in. Stationary swimming, or swimming in place, utilizes a simple swim harness and tether system to keep you swimming in a fixed position, kind of like a treadmill for swimming exercises. That means you’ll get all the same incredible benefits of a standard swim workout while adding in solid resistance training to your routine. With one simple piece of equipment, you can workout smarter and harder from the comfort of your own home. That piece of equipment is called SuperSwim, and it’s the best there is!

SuperSwim tether systems are great because you won’t have to slow down or interrupt your stroke to make a turn, and you won’t have to worry about veering off course and running into the side of the pool!

But wait, there’s more! SuperSwim systems can also help you keep your workout fun and diverse! Because of the support that the kit provides, you’ll be able to transition easily between breaststroke, backstroke, sidestroke, butterfly, freestyle, and even water jogging without breaking your stride. It’s the best way to keep your heart rate up while making sure your exercise stays dynamic and interesting.


If you’re ready to introduce a swim tether system to your water workout, you might as well get the best swim tether system available, right? SuperSwim is that system, and you can order it online or call us at 1-800-848-1222 to get yours today!

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