Water Jogging with SuperSwim

Everybody knows what a great workout you can get with running exercises. Cardio, endurance, strength building – a good run can accomplish almost anything! Unfortunately, pounding the pavement isn’t a viable exercise option for everyone, as the stress on your joints can deter anyone dealing with a past or present injury. 

Thankfully, there’s a way you can experience the physical benefits of running without enduring the negative consequences of such a high-impact exercise! With water jogging, you can bring your tarmac training to the pool, getting all the same health benefits in a low-impact environment. And, with a SuperSwim tether system, you can be sure you’re getting your best workout in the best way! 



Water jogging is very similar to tarmac jogging, in both technique and benefits. With this style of pool resistance training, you’ll want to imitate your land-running form. That means you’ll swing your arms from the shoulder, bring your knees high, and press slightly behind you on the downward thrust of your leg. However, there are some slight differences between land and water running. 

With this water workout, raise your knees just a bit higher than you would on the road, and use a flat foot to push through the water. The trick to getting an effective workout is maintaining your posture. It’s important to keep your upper body erect, as this will both work your core and keep you from drowning. 

You’ll get the best water jogging workout in the deep end, where you’ll be able to float without touching the bottom of the pool. Many athletes have found that the SuperSwim tether system is a great piece of equipment to maintain a stationary position in the pool, allowing them to focus on their technique and improving their overall workout. 


Taking your running workout to the water will help you reach new levels of fitness, and SuperSwim can help you achieve those goals safely and effectively! Our systems are available in our online shop, or you can call us at 1-800-848-1222 today!

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