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COMPLETE: SuperSwim Hydro Rower

COMPLETE: SuperSwim Hydro Rower

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The Hydro Rower by SuperSwim is a NEW product that turns any pool, spa, or swim spa 18 feet wide or smaller into a rowing center for health and fitness. Large foot stirrups, adjustable arm lengths, and adaptive cylinders provide optimal stability and varying levels of resistance for a challenging and comprehensive workout – right in the comfort of your home. After your swim session, remove the rowing arms from the anchors and fold the cylinders for easy storage. NOTE: Installing this product into most spas may void the manufacturer's warranty. Please consult with your hot tub manufacturer for further information. 

Orders are open for spa size.

Pre-orders only for pool size

  •  Four Stainless Steel Anchors and Eight Screws
  • One set of adjustable Stainless Steel Rowing Arms with adjustable tension cylinders.
  • Stirrup Strapping System, One 15-foot long adjustable Stirrup Strapping System.
  • One Grout Packet for filler.
  • Carrying Bag One carrying bag is included with every kit (spa model only). 




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