SuperSwim Systems are for Everyone

SuperSwim Systems are for Everyone

It might sound unbelievable, but when we say that SuperSwim systems are for everyone – we mean it! Whether you’re using our tether system to learn how to swim or to train for an Olympic medal, we can help you reach your fitness goals with ease. Our SuperSwim Safety Swim Harness can be customized to fit any waist, our equipment is easy to install and use, and our dedication to customer satisfaction is unparalleled. With the SuperSwim tether system, users of any age, swimming skill, or pool type can use our systems to get amazing cardio and resistance training workouts from the comfort of home! Not to brag, but there’s more than one reason SuperSwim is known as the best swim tether system on the market! 



One of the great things about SuperSwim is that our clients are as versatile as our systems! Athletes love it because pool resistance training helps improve swimming techniques and maximize workouts through low-impact cardio exercises. Physical therapists love it because stationary swimming exercises assist in rehabilitation. Parents and trainers love it because the Safety Swim Harness offers amazing support for new swimmers learning water safety skills. You’ll love it because this swim tether system gives you all the benefits listed above and many, many more! 

By now you know that SuperSwim systems offer incredible fitness opportunities, but they’re also amazingly easy to installuse, and maintain! We provide detailed directions and installation videos to help you get your system set up. Once you’re ready to start your water workout, simply adjust the Safety Swim Harness to fit your waist and start swimming! It’s important to remember that these systems are designed to be used as exercise equipment, not as toys. If you use SuperSwim as intended, you’ll be able to train for years to come. If you don’t use the equipment properly, you could damage the product or even hurt yourself! So, be careful! 


From professional athletes to rehabilitation centers, our systems have been used to help countless swimmers increase strength, improve swimming techniques, and boost endurance for decades! If you’re ready to find out for yourself why SuperSwim is the #1 swim in place pool system, order online or contact us at 1-800-848-1222 to get yours today! 

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